Carpet Cleaning

General Carpet Steam Cleaning

steam cleaning results for a carpet outside a shop in the Blue Mountains

I use the most effective and deep cleansing method of cleaning your carpet - hot water extraction, i.e. steam cleaning. This creates a much healthier environment in your home, shop or business, removing soil, allergens bacteria and pollutants. Deodorising is also included.

When the carpet is cleaned it will provide a lift to the appearance of your shop or business and make it more attractive to customers. In your home it will brighten and clean and make your home environment much more pleasant.

Flood Restoration of Carpet

I offer a fast and efficient service for water damaged carpet. Carpet can be flooded when a hot water system leaks, a dishwasher leaks, a bath overflows or pipes burst. The equipment I use can suck out the water from the carpet. Water extraction is carried out and where required, air movers are installed to complete drying process. The affected area is then steam cleaned and deodorised, leaving your carpet restored to a clean, fresh state.