End-of-Lease Cleaning

Tenants will forgo their bond unless they leave the rental property nice and clean for the next tenant. Bond money is the equivalent of a full month's rent so it is worth cleaning for. Most of the cleaning work can be done by the tenant but sometimes renting a low-powered steam cleaner or dry chemical cleaning machine can be just a waste of money.

It is worthwhile hiring a professional with the proper equipment. What would take you a day would take the professional just few hours and the professional will produce a far better job.

The following pictures show the results of steam cleaning a carpet with high powered carpet steam cleaning equipment. The hue of the pictures are slightly different because the pictures were taken at different times of the day and I am not a photographer but the results are obvious. What was a very dirty carpet with difficult to shift dirt and stains has cleaned up nicely with the high pressure steam cleaner.

end of lease cleaned carpet in the Blue Mountains. This is the before example
End of lease cleaned carpet in the Blue Mountains. This is the cleaned example

steam cleaning a dirty carpet can make it lighter and brighter

Even just tired and dirty carpet can do with a clean to make any room feel lighter and brighter. Having a cleaner carpet will improve the appearance of a room and make you feel better when your mood lifts because the carpet is no longer looking old, gloomy, drab and dingy.

Professional cleaning will also provide a tenant with a receipt to show the real estate agent that the carpet has been cleaned.